European OpenAFS Conference 2008

In the year 2007 at the "deutschsprachiger AFS-Workshop" we decided to bring this event for the first time to Graz (Austria). In spring 2008 the American AFS Foundation was talking to Lars Schimmer (CGV), telling him that they also want to arrange a meeting of the European AFS administrators and developers. So they asked if we could join these two events.

The "European OpenAFS Conference 2008" has been taken place from Sep. the 24th to Sep. the 26th. at the SPSC Institute at Graz University of Technology in Graz in collaboration with the CGV Institute. For further information, read the agenda below and refere to the attached lecture slides. 


The Agenda is going to be completed till all handouts are submitted. Please submit us YOUR talk about (Open)AFS to fill the gaps! All interesting talks will be set on list and will make this conference a success. Wednestday 24th of September (1st day)

Time Speaker Topic Slides
9.00 am Organisation Team Registration and welcome speach  
9.45 am Derrick Brashear OpenAFS Development Status *.pdf *.ppt
10.45 am   Coffee break  
11.00 am Derrick Brashear OpenAFS Governance *.ppt
12.00 am   Lunch (Gasthaus zum Ganster)  
1.30 pm Hartmut Reuter OpenAFS and Object Storage *.pdf
2.30 pm Wolfgang Gehrke Site Report "Distributed services with OpenAFS" *.pdf
3.30 pm   Coffee break  
3.45 pm Fabrizio Manfredi AFS manager, PTserver NG with AD binding *.pdf *.ppt
4.30 pm Lars Schimmer Visit of the DAVE  
6.00 pm   City visit - guided tour  
8.00 pm   Social event "Heuriger"  

Thurstday 25th of September (2nd day)

Time Speaker Topic Slides
9.00 am Mathias Feiler OpenAFS in zones of ZFS *.pdf
10.00 am   Coffee break  
10.15 am Simon Wilkinson Disconnected operation in openAFS *.pdf
11.30 am Daniela-Maria Pusinelli Site Report - Humbolt University Berlin *.ppt
11.45 am Lars Schimmer Site Report - TU-Graz CGV *.pptx
12.00 am   Lunch (Gasthaus zum Ganster)  
1.30 pm Matt Benjamin and Marcus Watts Rxk5 *.pdf
2.30 pm Jeffrey Altman OpenAFS Windows Video ... comming soon...
3.30 pm   Coffee break  
3.45 pm Simon Wilkinson Filedrawers *.pdf
4.45 pm   Debugging session  
5.30 pm   Chestnut roasting session  

Friday 26th of September (3rd day)

Time Speaker Topic Slides
9.15 am Robert Sturrock Site Report UniMelb *.zip
9.40 am Stephan Wonczak Site Report ZAIK/RRZK *.ppt
9.50 am Markus Köberl Site Report SPSC TU-Graz *.pdf
10.00 am   Coffee break  
10.30 am Derrick Brashear and Jeffrey Altman Roadmap to OpenAFS *.ppt
12.00 am   End of conference